Unruly Back-to-School Bootcamp

Make sure this new school year is the Unruliest yet! No matter what your school’s plans are for next year, we are here to get you ready 💪  We’ve got a great line-up of sessions ready for you, and we will be providing completion certificates to share with administrators too (or family, friends, pets, or strangers).
We can’t wait! 🕺

August 3rd through August 13th 2020

9 virtual sessions in a variety of styles covering a variety of topics 😎

You, the Unruly Team, and Unruly Educators across North America 
➡️ Invite your colleagues! Any and all teachers at your school are invited to attend.

(Sorry, active Unruly Memberships only!)

Zoom. You can sign up for sessions in the schedule below.


I want to attend all the sessions, do I still have to sign up for each separately?
Yes, you do. We will also send reminders for each session the week of.

I am not sure if I can attend live, do I still have to sign up?
Yes, this is how you will receive the recording!

Will all sessions be recorded?

How do I access the recordings?
All sessions with recordings available are included below.

How do I get my certificate?
You must attend all four of the required sessions—live or recorded. We will also be sending out a questionnaire on August 17th, and you must complete it by August 24th to receive your certificate. The time commitment to receive the certificate is approximately 4.5 hours.

Will I get a t-shirt for attending?


Session Name



Session Type


Unruly App 2.0

Get introduced to our brand new app from the team that built it! Learn about new features, coding basics, tips for facilitating hybrid learning, transitioning from V1, and more! 

Monday, 8/3
@ 1 PM EST

Required for certificate

Get to know your Unruly Membership

Don’t know what your membership really includes?Let’s talk about it!

Tuesday, 8/4
@ 1 PM EST

Required for certificate

Game Creation and Creativity 

Creating games is one of our favorite things! We are going to chat about ways to foster creative learning spaces, our favorite open-ended activities, and scaffolding tips.

Monday, 8/10
@ 1 PM EST

Required for certificate

Infusing Unruliness into your Teaching Practices

What does Unruliness mean to you? How do you foster an Unruly environment in your classroom?

Tuesday, 8/11
@ 1 PM EST

Required for certificate

SEL, Splats, and Hybrid Learning

Social-emotional learning is more important than ever! Share best-practices, work through challenges, and learn how to prioritize SEL in your lessons.

Wednesday, 8/5
@ 1 PM EST


Art and Music... Unruly Style!

STEAM makes sense! Learn about fun, active ways to incorporate art with Splats. You may even walk away with a work of art!

Thursday, 8/6
@ 1 PM EST


Focus Group: Ideas for an Unruly Future

We want to hear from you! Join a focus group to provide feedback & advocate for what features and products you’d like to see next!

Wednesday, 8/12
@ 1 PM EST


PE Meet-up

Collaborate with other PE teachers to find ways to prioritize PE at your school— even if it is from afar!

Thursday, 8/13
@ 1 PM EST


Happy Hour with the Unruly Team

Bring your favorite beverage and come meet everyone! 

Thursday, 8/13
@ 5 PM EST


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