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Unruly Splats memberships are a one-stop shop for incorporating engaging computer science and movement across all subjects. Unruly Schools build long-term, sustainable programs for maximum student impact and student joy!

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We make it easy for teachers to expose their students to computer science

Impact starts immediately – Top Unruly schools reach over 6500 stomps in their first month!

We make learning computer science APPROACHABLE FOR STUDENTS

When compared to competitors, 88% of our users find Unruly Splats hardware and coding app very approachable for students.

We make computer science INTEGRATE INTO EXISTING CURRICULUM across all subjects

We work with everyone! Our Unruly Educators span over 10 subjects.

We make learning computer science JOYFUL THROUGH ACTIVE PLAY

Our top schools average more than 485,000 stomps and burn around 20,000 calories per year — the equivalent of running 7 Boston Marathons!

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Unruly Splats is available through one simple membership built to support teachers bringing joy into classrooms consistently throughout the year.

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So, what does it cost?

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What’s in a Splats membership, anyways?!

Each school in your district receives:

24 Unruly Splats under warranty
Ongoing support and training
Professional development
Teacher resources
Unlimited access to the app
Partner reviews with key usage metrics and strategies to increase school engagement
National and district-wide events with live leaderboards (Warning! Events may include a  giant gorilla mascot who loves bananas!)
All of the above
Splats is so much more than an app or hardware – it’s a full-throttle experience that evolves with your schools. It’s all-inclusive!

Where can Unruly Splats have impact?

Special Education
STEM or Computer Science
Media Center / Library
All of the above
With more than 60 cross-curricular games in the app, Splats can be used in a wide variety of subjects across the school day. And if we don’t have it and you need it, we’ll build it with you!
Almost there!Almost there!

What budgets do most schools and districts use to purchase Splats memberships?

School Site Budget
Title I, II, III, IV
PTO/Community Sponsors
All of the above
With many ways to fund Splats, if there’s a will, there’s a way! Book a demo to learn more about funding options at your district.
Ok ok, now show me pricing!Ok ok, now show me pricing!

You’ll be in good company! Unruly Splats are in 50 states and 6 Canadian Provinces.

with over 10


a pink splat

stomps and counting!

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Splats is not hardware alone.
It is also


Each school has a dedicated HUMAN School Success Representative who customizes ongoing professional development and coaching with all teachers participating!

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A growing library of CSTA-aligned cross-curricular lesson plans and games and an active user-forum to learn best practices from other educators implementing Splats!


24 Unruly Splats under warranty, software access for the entire school building with continuous updates, and usage data for each school!


Access to national student competitions (and PRIZES!) and access to the Unruly product team to submit feature and content requests and be part of building the future of STEM education with us!

"it wasn't a one off, it was a real level of engagement and involvement"

- Chad Mazza, Interim Assistant Superintendent, Operations, Somerville Public Schools

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Do you offer a free trial? Can we do a free pilot?

We go ALL in with every school and invest a lot of time customizing support to meet their individual needs, and so we ask that our schools go ALL in with us, too. We can’t do what we do – the Unruly way – on a free trial. We’re happy to provide references or you can check out this third-party review.

How do we make this easy on teachers?

We’ve got you covered. Most of our school success team is built up of former educators who understand deeply the challenges and opportunities of the classroom. We limit training time to under 2 hours (unless you request more!) and answer via email, phone, zoom, text, or online chat for any support needs – take your pick! Don’t believe us? Talk to an educator who has used Splats in their classroom.

How does PD work? What is a coaching model?

We offer group training or 1:1 support for teachers. In this way, we meet teachers where they are at, and that can be accomplished through group training or 1:1 live supports, depending on what they need. We tend to prefer to support using ongoing bite-sized coaching instead of a one-time longer session.

What is the best way to kickoff Splats in our school or school district?

It depends because we believe that every school has its own potential and its own unique challenges. For all schools, we try hard to avoid any situations where teachers are “volun-told” to participate. We are always looking fist for hand-raisers to be the first implementers of Splats at a new site. At Unruly, we call it the first one to the dance floor! That will depend on your school, but can be a STEM teacher, or a PE teacher, or someone else Unruly in your building!

What funding sources have schools used to purchase Splats?

Because Splats is available to every student and every teacher in an entire school, you might be surprised what budgets are used. Where there’s a will there’s a way. Here’s how most schools have funded their Splats memberships: School Site Budgets, Title I, II, III, IV, IDEA, PTO/Community Sponsors, ESSER/EANS, Professional Development budgets, and more!