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What is the best age group for Unruly Splats? In what areas does Splats work best?
Unruly Splats are a versatile tool to teach fundamental coding skills for elementary and middle school classrooms, grades 1 through 7. Unruly Splats work best in gyms, libraries, labs, classrooms, and afterschool spaces.

I don’t know how to code, do you need to know how to code to use Unruly Splats?
That’s okay, you do not need to know how to code to use Unruly Splats! We have built-in tutorials for even those who have never written a line of code. Our Unruly Annual Plan options allows access to lesson plans that are aligned to CSTA and NGSS standards as well as state PE standards. Also, to help you get started with Splats in your classroom, we offer a half hour virtual onboarding through live video call included with all our annual plans.

Which devices are Unruly Splats compatible with?
Unruly Splats are compatible with iPad devices running iOS 8.0 or newer and Android devices running Android (8.0) or newer. To download the Splats app for free, go to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and search “Unruly Splats” on your compatible device.To access the Unruly app on Chromebooks and Mac laptops, use our web-based app with a Google Chrome browser.

How much do Unruly Splats cost?
We offer two main plans, a one year annual plan for $1,200 or a three year annual plan for $3,060. Both plans include 12 Splats, access to our growing library of lesson plans, live phone and chat support, and data sharing so you can track school usage and engagement! All Splats come with a lifetime warranty for the duration of your plan. 

You can add more Splats onto these annual plans in packs of two for $200/year under the one year plan and $170/year under the three year plan.
The most popular plan is the one year annual plan but the three year annual plan is the most Unruly value with a $540 savings from the one year plan. 

How can I try Splats if I’m not ready to commit to buying an annual plan yet?

We’re so sure you’ll love Unruly Splats in your classroom or school, we offer a 2-pack six month trial for $255. If at any time during the six months you want to upgrade, we will put the $255 you spent on the trial towards any annual plan.

How durable are Splats?
durable! See how durable here!

Are you available on
Yes! We are partnered with Amazon, who is an authorized partner of You can create a project in to get Unruly Splats in your classroom!

I’m concerned with student privacy - What certifications do you have? Student privacy is important to us. We are KidSAFE COPPA certified. You can see our certification from KidSAFE Seal here

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