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Stomp Madness is a month-long event exclusively for Unruly members across North America. (COVID-19 grant winners included!) No registration required, and all stomps recorded in the month of March are counted towards a monetary donation to Kaboom!

The school with the most stomps in March will not only receive bragging rights, but also a one-of-kind Penny Splat. “Penny what?!” you ask? Well, you’re just going to have to join the fun to find out 😉
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Just use your Splats with your students! That’s it—there is no registration required. Remote, hybrid, in-person, a pineapple under the sea—doesn’t matter, all stomps count! All you have to do is keep using your Splats and we’ll handle the rest.

Can’t physically stomp? No problem! The Unruly elves keep track of your stomps and coding blocks, so we’ll make sure the higher total goes to charity. Simply put: don’t worry if you’re teaching virtually; we’re making adjustments on our end to ensure your efforts get counted.

Speaking of charity, each stomp is worth 1¢, and our goal for March is to reach 300,000 stomps! That’s roughly 150 miles, or a little less than running 6 marathons!
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Bonus stomps available here! We will keep these fresh for you, so check back regularly!
You’re off to the races! The featured game for this week is Race in Place. This game is a favorite for a reason—it’s simple, fast, fun, and adaptable! All players need to do is run as fast as they can on top of their Splats. The featured lesson plan shows how to build the code for one player, and the in-app example called “Race in Place Deluxe” is already built for two players. Make sure to check it out!

Did you complete this weekly challenge with your students? Your school wins an extra 1,000 stomps—make sure to let us know you participated by tagging @unruly_studios on Twitter and using the hashtag #stompmadness. You can also let us know you participated by filling out this quick survey!
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Be a human with access to Unruly Splats (no dogs, cats, guinea pigs, goldfish stomps, etc.)
Stomp like no one’s watching
Also, stomp while your classmates are watching
Just, you know, stomp a lot
Come back and check this page often to see the rankings!
Feel amazing because you know you’re coding for a good cause!
Sign up for updates to get a weekly summary of your school's donation!
Join the Unruly team on April 8th for a live ceremony on Twitter to celebrate the winning team—more details coming soon!

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