The Unruly Fall Fitness Challenge is a fitness extravaganza that will get your students coding and moving whether they are virtual, in-person or hybrid this fall.
A Kickoff Training Webinar
Coding and Computational Thinking
Fitness and Fun!
SEL and Collaboration


Your students will code a
verbal countdown timer
and a stopwatch with the
Unruly app to time
themselves doing a weekly
activity like jumping jacks
and air punches.


This challenge includes 1 activity a week for 3 weeks. Each activity has a coding and fitness component.

Students record their top score each week to earn points for their school! The school with the most points WINS!
Unruly Fitness challenge with code block


It’s something everyone has
heard of, but no one has seen.
The coveted GOLDEN SPLAT!
(Yes, it’s a trophy.
No, it’s not real gold.)


This challenge is for any Splats member school! If your school has a membership, you can participate!
Contact us here to find out if your school has Splats.
The activities in this challenge are flexible and are great for students of varying coding levels from
grades 1-6.
1 school = 1 team. If you have other teachers in the school who would like to participate, we encourage
you to do the challenge together! Choose 1 teacher to be your team coach.
Each week we will send you a form to submit your team’s average high score for the activity of the week. 
The team with the most points at the end of the challenge wins!  📈

See our point structure below:

5 points: submitting a form each week of your team’s average high score

5 points (bonus): for being the team with the highest average score (compared to other schools)

4 points (bonus): For the team with the most average attempts (ie: ask each student how many attempts it took them to get to their high score. Add up the number of attempts in total for your class and then divide it by the number of students)

4 points (bonus): for being the team with the second highest average score

1 point (bonus):
for each photo or video uploaded to social media (please tag @unruly_studios)


1 point (bonus): for each video submission or photo emailed to the Unruly team (with permission for
us to use on our social media)

We will send the team coach a form each week to submit your team’s average high score! Don’t worry,
our form will do the math for you if you enter in your students’ scores. 
The winning team will get an epic golden Splat trophy! All participants will get a classroom goodie bag
and Unruly certificates for all students
The fall challenge is 3 weeks (November 3 - 24). You do not have to participate in all three weeks to be part of the challenge.
Fill out this form to sign up for updates on the challenge. We will be in touch with more details in early October.

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