How to Mix STEAM and Play

One key to teaching STEM subjects in elementary and middle school is to make it approachable, fun, and playful! In this webinar, you will hear from Jason Behrens, the Innovation Specialist at Somerville Public Schools, and how he combines STEM with play.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

- How other schools are integrating STEM and coding into their schools

- Examples of how to introduce coding concepts through games

- Strategies for engaging students in open-ended learning

- Examples of free online tools to get started with coding in the classroom

About Jason Behrens: Jason is an Innovation Specialist at Somerville Public Schools. In his role, he brings STEM and engineering concepts and tools to teachers throughout the district. He leads many PD sessions throughout the year and most recently gave a PD session with PE teachers to show them how to bring STEM into their PE curriculum.