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Empowering students to learn critical STEM skills through active, social recess-style play!

Stompable, super-durable, programmable floor tiles with built-in lights & sounds. Pair your Splats with a tablet and control them with our block code language.  


Create any game you can dream up using
block code in the UNRULY SPLATS APP!  

Play your games on your SPLATS!

Add timers and scoring! Connect up to
6 Splats and challenge your friends!

Get up and running with one of our easy to follow tutorials, or fast-paced included example games!

If you're feeling extra Unruly, remix the included examples to change the game and create your own rules!

Make room, it’s time to code! Use Unruly Splats as a STEM education tool to bring movement and collaboration to your classroom - all while introducing fundamental STEM skills. Code epic obstacle courses, re-create an arcade favorite, review for an upcoming quiz, or maybe hurdle some sheep. With Splats, students code and play their own games.

All lesson plans aligned to NGSS, CSTA, and state PE standards

A versatile tool for elementary and middle schoolers, Splats live in classrooms, libraries, makerspaces, and gyms - anywhere learning happens!

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'd by parents and educators alike.

I've been in education for 12 years and have yet to come across a product like Splats. It encourages kids (and adults!) to learn coding skills and encourages game design and active play. I think Unruly Studios will bring kinesthetic learning environments to classrooms all over the world at a time when students so desperately need more physical activity.

— Jason, Educator

Empowering Kids with the decisions and customization of their bear is what made Build-A-Bear magical.  The Splats platform is similar though the product is different—it allows kids to make their own rules and design their own playful experiences for the Unruly Splats.  It’s fun, physical and creative all in one!

— Maxine Clark, Founder, Build-A-Bear Workshop

I love the idea of teaching kids programming and getting them up and active through fun, creative gameplay that they guild themselves.

— Kai Huang, Co-Inventor, Guitar Hero

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