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Your trusted partner for student engagement that combines experiential learning and active play for your whole school!

... or you can just ...

#1: LOAD OR Code!

Students use the app to load or code standards-aligned activities on iPads or Chromebooks.

A chromebook showing the interface of the Unruly

#2: Connect!

Connect your device to the Splats with Bluetooth, and the code tells Splats when to light up, collect points, run timers, or make noises when they’re stomped on.

Animation showing feet stomping on Splats, which are lighting up and making sounds

#3: Play!

“Run” the code and the off-screen fun begins! Students are out of their seats playing collaborative favorites like four corners, relay race, or whack-a-mole.

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Say goodbye to boring PDs and low teacher participation.

District Rollout Support

You'll have more time to do what you're uniquely good at while we handle logistics and communication. How do we ensure rollout success? By monitoring usage data at each school to proactively drive impact. No more STEM tools sitting on shelves gathering dust!

Teacher-Level Customized Ongoing Coaching and PD

We ensure new teachers who join the Unruly movement feel comfortable and confident by onboarding in 1 hour or less. Throughout the year, we partner with teachers virtually to incorporate CS into their curriculum in easy, approachable ways without adding time to their day.


Warning: Inspiration Coming Your Way!

"The ease of use and playfulness of splats helps to demystify computer science.”

“At the elementary school, they absolutely love it. But I’m blown away by the competitions—they keep the teachers engaged, and if teachers are engaged and want to do it then the students are engaged.”

"When they see their coding games come to life, it creates a lot more excitement and engagement. Our students are finding the fun in coding through Splats.”



Did you know Unruly Educators span more than 10 subjects?! We work with any subject area and all kinds of teachers to make computer science easy and fast to integrate into your existing curriculum.

Students racing in a school setting, stomping on Splats.Students standing in a circle gathered around an iPad with the block code of Unruly Splats.Students running and stomping on Splats in a classroom.Happy students jumping and dancing on Splats.

Approachable block coding for students and teachers

Students can play our pre-built games or build their own games using the Unruly App on Chromebooks or iPads.

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Build on your existing foundation

At Unruly, we understand that every district and school is starting from a different place on their computer science journey. We meet you where you’re at and help accelerate what you’re already doing!

Pre-built lesson plans to tie to your curriculum

A growing library activities and lesson plans that can be incorporated into your curriculum in 5 minutes or less. Your School Success Manager will guide you in where to start for your particular needs.

Lesson plan customization and pacing guides to fit your specific needs

Work directly with your School Success Manager to plan out the year with what will work for your unique school needs.

A User Forum of Unruly Educators like YOU

Learn from the best! Unruly Educators across the US and Canada share best practices, new cross-curricular ideas, wins, and teacher-made lesson plans and games!


Common sense. Reviewed and approved. Learning rating 4 stars.
Gold 2021 Stevie® Winner. American Business Awards®
Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence. Remote Learning winner.
Winner. National FETCH Pitchfest. Coding, Robotics, STEM 2023.

“If you decide to go with Unruly Splats…you’ll be in good hands.”

Common Sense Media


Throughout the year we host low-lift engaging events and challenges bringing all our Unruly Schools together! We do ALL the heavy-lifting from reminders, to letters home, to media coverage, and sending prizes! Student and Staff Joy guaranteed.


Go Bananas

Kick off school with a Banana-themed Stompetition where students collaborate, code, and play!

November - December

So You Think You Can Code

A 3-part asynchronous music & coding talent show complete with celebrity judges and a Stomp-for-Charity event!


Stomp Madness

An action-packed team based basketball-inspired Stompetition and coding experience!

April - May

Unruly Educator Awards

A star-studded awards celebration for the remarkable accomplishments of our Unruliest Educators!


Family Coding Night

Bring families together to participate with their kids in a webinar-style, fun-filled coding experience!