Ready to shake up your Math program?

Unruly Math enables K-5 teachers to reinforce foundational math skills through active, experiential group play.

How does it work? Unruly Math uses the Unruly Splats engagement platform to infuse kinesthetic learning activities into your school’s existing math curriculum. Pick a standard, load the activity, and let the math fun begin!

What are Unruly Splats?

Unruly Splats are those big, blue floor buttons that are built to be STOMPED on! Teachers and students can load standards-aligned activities on ipads or Chromebooks and instantly play collaborative games with their classmates.

What comes with Unruly Math?

Unruly Math comes with everything you need to jumpstart math engagement. Your membership includes access to the K-5 Unruly Math app, enough Splats (under warranty) for all classrooms participating, dedicated onboarding, and ongoing training and support throughout the membership! Talk to us to learn more about standards-alignments, standard-specific activities, and how Unruly Math integrates into your existing curriculum and program!

What makes Unruly Math different?

Unruly Math fosters social group learning through experiential, active play that gets students moving, all while minimizing screen time! Unruly Math encourages students to persevere and engage in productive struggle to solve math challenges in a fun, engaging way.

Turn Your Math Program On its Head!

Unruly Math engages students in active, experiential group play.

Over 2,500 students and 80+ teachers have already integrated Unruly Math so far!

Enables a positive math mindset with less screen time!

80% of surveyed educators agree Unruly Math improves math outcomes for their students!

Sparks peer-to-peer dialogue and collaborative student-led learning.

80 standards-aligned activities that foster collaboration and dialogues between students. This is what engagement looks (and sounds) like!

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Unruly Math is available through one simple membership with features built to support teachers and bring joy into the classroom.

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"Kids are actually enjoying doing math."

— Vanessa Shaw, Teacher at the Clayton County School District.

Kinesthetic Learning With Unruly Math Shows Positive Impact on Math Outcomes in Georgia Schools

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