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It's more important than ever to keep students connected and engaged with STEM learning.
Unruly Splats memberships are a one-stop shop for incorporating STEM in elementary and
middle schools, whether students are learning virtually or in the classroom.
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1-YEAR &

Ongoing coaching and support
Ongoing Coaching & Support
This includes custom implementation, unlimited call, email, chat, and video calls for any teacher in the school.
Unruly Splats 12-Packs
Unruly Splats (Options for Virtual and Physical)
Memberships start 24+ Splats
Unlimited Usage
Unlimited Usage
We do not charge extra for additional teacher accounts or student profiles in our app. Splats are meant to be shared across your school!
Virtual or In-Person Resources
Virtual & In-Person Classroom Resources
A library of STEM & play classroom resources that provide a seamless transition from virtual to in-person learning.
Unstoppable Warranty
Unstoppable Warranty
Splats are ultra-durable but if you do wear them out, we will replace them and pay for the shipping.
School Competitions
School Competitions
Compete with other Unruly Schools for prizes and glory in activity-based competitions
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“No one wants to pay for something that’s gathering dust in the closet!” Not on our watch! Splats are offered as a membership because it allows us to partner with educators directly to ensure successful implementation that ultimately benefits your students. Memberships focus on incorporating Splats into existing curriculum as part of a school-wide tool.

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