How Does Unruly
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Kids input code and output physical play and learning
Increase student engagement and performance
Infuse Social Emotional Learning (SEL) into the day
Enable cross-curricular STEM learning: P.E., art, special education, ELL and more!
Support teachers with lesson plans and coaching
Help your school become a leader in innovation!
Learn how your school can introduce an approachable STEM program that clicks and sticks with access for ALL your students for maximum impact.  Click below to see how Splats work.

Unruly Splats in Action

Case studies showing the effects of physical computing on promoting inclusion and diversity

Math Gets a Boost Through Kinesthetic Learning In Georgia Schools
Active learning
Math Engagement
Fun and unique learning experience
Summer School Program Boosts Math Engagement in Georgia
Active learning
Math Engagement
Summer School
Active Play is Key to Computer Science for All
Professional development
Accessible and inclusive
Cross curricular integration
Coding skills
Physical Computing Allows for Cross-Curricular Connections
Coding skills
Cross curricular integration
Problem solving skills
Fun and unique learning experience
Physical Computing Increases Access to Computer Science for Female Students
Accessible and inclusive
Positive school culture
Long term engagement
Physical Computing Increases Access to Computer Science for Historically Marginalized Students
New York
Active learning
Cross curricular integration
Accessible and inclusive

“Of all the technologies I've used, Unruly support is the best… From their lesson plans, to example games, to tech support, it's always quick and fantastic.”

— Brian Ashline, 6th Grade Teacher, Shaker Middle School, Innovation Lab, NY

Splats in any subject

Splats in Math
Sometimes a little kinesthetic learning is what you need for those foundational math skills to really click!
Math is jumping. Math is playing. Math is fun!
In this lesson plan, students learn rounding to the nearest 10 or 100. They stomp their feet on a Splat, which is programmed to represent their choice to either round up or down.
Featured Lesson Plan
Rounding to the Nearest 100
Learn How Splats Can Work in Your School
Splats in ELA
EE   UI   YE   IE   OE  
Say WHat?
Welcome to phonics!
In this lesson plan, Splats help students to create a link between physical movement and speech sounds, which is used to reinforce learning.
Featured Lesson Plan
Blending and Segmenting
Learn How Splats Can Work in Your School
Splats in Computer Science, Library Media, or STEM
Drag, drop and play with more than 80 interactive coding lessons to choose from.
In this lesson plan, kids use conditional if-then statements to program various outcomes on the physical Splats. After inputting if-statements (ex: if I stomp on the Splat…), they get a physical output that is reflected on the Splat (ex: the Splat lights up green).
Featured Lesson Plan
Relay Race
Learn How Splats Can Work in Your School
Student using Splats in Social and emotional learning.
Splats as an SEL tool
Splats lessons are an ideal environment for students to practice crucial life skills like collaboration, conflict resolution, and resilience
Gamify your mood meter with this fun teacher-inspired lesson plan.
In this lesson plan, students use Splats to identify their emotions by programming each Splat to correspond to a feeling color.
Featured Lesson Plan
Mood Meter
Learn How Splats Can Work in Your School
Splats in Music
What’s STEM got to do with it?!
Every piece of music has something called a “time signature.” Time signatures dictate the number of beats in a single measure of music.
In this lesson plan, students use technical skills to compose rhythms and sounds using the Splats coding platform. Then it’s time to dance when the code is done!
Featured Lesson Plan
Music Maker
Learn How Splats Can Work in Your School
Why Splats RULE for Students
Building STEM Skills and Creativity in Students
Why Splats RULE for Teachers
Empowering Teachers with STEM and Kinesthetic Learning
Why Splats RULE for Schools and Districts
Building STEM Identity, Inclusivity, and Equity

“…they love coming to school. I've had students that have said ‘I wake up and I'm wondering if we’re using Splats today’...It's such a fun thing to hear that they are eager to come into school and to learn. They're playing, but they're learning at the same time and that's how things stick.”

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