How to Combine STEM & PE

Previous STEM Webinars with Unruly Splats

STEM Webinar: How to Create an Inclusive STEAM Class

As an educator, you want to help each and every student engage deeply with what they are learning. But you don’t have the time or resources to tailor every lesson for all learning needs. So, how do you make your classroom more inclusive to all different types of learners with varying interests and abilities?

STEM Webinar: Hour of Active Code

In this webinar the co-inventors of Scratch, Amon Millner & Eric Rosenbaum, and the Unruliest Education Director, Emily Wilson, will teach you how to run a successful Hour of Code™.

STEM Webinar: How to Mix STEAM and Play

One key to teaching STEM subjects in elementary and middle school is to make it approachable, fun, and playful! In this webinar, you will hear from Jason Behrens, the Innovation Specialist at Somerville Public Schools, and how he combines STEM with play.