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How to Secure School Funding for STEM Education in These 5 States

Bryanne Leeming, CEO of Unruly Splats
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If you’re an educator or a district leader, navigating school funding can be a daunting task. However, having a solid understanding of the available options can help you secure the resources your students need to succeed.

In addition to federal funding, state-level funding is available in most states. Here is a list of the top five largest states that provide resources for technology and computer science education in K-12.

5. Pennsylvania

The PASmart Grant is offered by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. This grant aims to prepare workers and students for careers in computer science and STEM-related jobs. The grant provides funding for the purchase of STEM-related resources, as well as teacher development.

4. Illinois

The Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (IMSA) is a nonprofit organization that raises and allocates funds to the private sector for the purpose of development of education and leadership in the STEM field.

3. New York

The Computer Science for All Grant (CS4All) is offered by the New York City Department of Education. The goal of this grant is to ensure that all students in the New York City public schools have access to computer science education.

2. Texas

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) Instructional Materials and Technology Allotment (IMTA) provides funding for Texas public schools to purchase instructional materials, including educational technology resources such as laptops, tablets and software.    

1. California

The Career Technical Education Incentive Grant (CTEIG) is offered by the California Department of Education. It is a school funding resource created to advance high-demand learning in K-12 schools in California. This grant can be used to purchase equipment and supplies for technical education classes. It can also be used to provide professional development for CTE teachers and staff.  

State departments of education and local nonprofits are a good place to start when searching for funding resources. Learning to navigate school funding and understanding how to access resources can help you to provide the best possible education for your students in today’s tech-driven economy. 

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