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Just Launched! Splats App 3.0

Unruly Splats Pro
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What’s the #1 component of a great app? SPEED! (But for all those who said dad jokes, we see you.) Speed is precisely what our product engineers focused on in our latest app update, and thanks to their behind-the-scenes work, Splats App 3.0 is faster and higher performing. 

But that’s not all the good news. With Splats App 3.0 running like a Corvette engine, we also implemented several new app features crowdsourced right from our community of educators. The entire Unruly Studios team worked closely with these educators to create new resources beneficial to everyone — coding pros and first-time users alike!

  • List Blocks: Store a series of information like numbers, colors, true/false statements, or text. (Here is a quick tutorial from our very own Chase!)
  • Say Blocks: Type in the words you want to hear in your game.
  • Disconnected Blocks: Blocks that are not attached to a blue starting block appear as “ghost blocks”.
  • Run/Stop Buttons: We now have TWO buttons. One for start. One for stop. 
  • Highlighting: After clicking run, follow along with your code as it lights each block in the program.
  • Surround Sound: Toggle and adjust the sound between the device and Splat.
  • New Profile Selection Interface: A smoother way to organize students and classes. 
  • Classroom Manager updates: CSV importing, new interface
  • 30+ Games in App!: YEP. You read that right.

Splats App 3.0 (the Cadillac of Splats Apps) will make it easier to continuously implement community input. A new feature request could come from our Educator Forum, a one-on-one conversation, or even YOU (right after you’re done reading this)! We’re energized to see all the new game creations to come this school year. Log in now and take these new features for a spin. Vroom Vroom! 

Okay, enough with the car references. Jeeze.

Highlights from Unruly Splats 3.0: 

Did you say something? 

The Say block is a new sound block that can now take a text input. Simply type in what you want your program to say, click run, and then the Virtual Splats and iPad or Chromebook will echo the message.  

Can you hear me now? 

Splats App 3.0 -Surround Sound
Introducing Surround Sound

The new surround sound feature allows students to take their music to new heights. In the settings, sound can be toggled and adjusted between the device and Splats to get the perfect sound.

Organization made easy

Splats App 3.0 - Profile Selector
Introducing an Updated Profile Selector

The new design for the profile selector will make a teacher’s life easier. Users can now create profiles, group classrooms, and use the search feature to keep classrooms neat and in line. Simply select the needed class from the Groups list in the left panel and then select their profile from the list on the right. Easy peasy! 

30+ Games in App! 

Splats App 3.0 - Example Games
Adding Up is 1 of the 30+ in-app games!

The more the merrier! All our educator-created games have made it into the Example Games section of the app. Whether you are pulling up the Human Calculator for a math activity or Would You Rather? for a quick icebreaker, everything is now only a few clicks away. This will decrease prep time and allow for more play and physical activity!

It is time to take a test drive. 🏎Log into the Splats App 3.0 and take a look at some of these new, shiny bells and whispers. Learn more about all the features and share your favorite new additions with the rest of the Unruly Community in the forum


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