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Now Introducing Our NEW Unruly Portal Updates

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July 13, 2021
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We are going bananas 🍌 over new Portal features that will make block-coding a breeze! The latest Unruly Portal is a one-stop shop for your cross-curricular coding resources with engaging coding activities and unlimited Unruliness!

Look 👀 out for these exciting new features:

Filtering System 😎

The new filtering system enables you to find the perfect coding activity for your needs in just moments. Simply filter through Computer Science (CSTA) grade level, subject, or class size and BOOM you have an activity chosen and your lesson planned!

Unruly Splats Portal filtering system

Activities Created by the Unruly Community 🙌

We are proud to present a library of community-created content! Unruly educators and students from all across America and Canada have been busy making games and lessons for the whole Unruly Community to enjoy. They created math games, Splats Cornhole, a situp challenge, and more!

Unruly Splats Adding Up Math Game
Yes! This adding-up game was educator-created! 

Pick Your Favorites ❤️

A personalized Favorites Library makes it convenient for you to quickly pull up your go-to Splats games and get your students coding and playing in just a few clicks! It might be tricky not to favorite them all but we know you can resist. 

Unruly Splats favoriting lesson plans on the portal

Library of Tutorials 📚

COMING SOON! New to Splats and not sure where to start? We got you covered with an assortment of videos and webinars that demonstrate some of our most popular Unruly games and activities. It makes learning a new coding activity simple and easy, regardless of block-coding experience.

Classroom Manger 🤓

Starting on July 19th, you’ll be able to use the Unruly Portal to upload your Google Classroom rosters and use a color system to organize your students into groups. This makes it easier for Unruly educators to access student work and organize students by grade or otherwise. Organization station! 

Organize student profile on the Unruly Splats Classroom Manager

Personalized Profiles 🥸

Whether you want to be called “chartreuse moose” or “mickey mouse,” the new personalized profiles in the Classroom Manager lets you be named whatever you want! When creating a profile, you can use a randomly generated name or have your students use their real names so it is easier to identify them. This will allow you to create a naming system that makes it efficient to check student work. 

Creating a profile on the Unruly Splats Classroom Manager

Easing back into the classroom can be difficult, so we’re here with systems to make your life easier! These new features will allow more time for coding, playing, and being Unruly! If you have any questions about any of the new features or would like to learn more, you can reach out to us at educators@unruly-studios.com 📩

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