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Teacher Feature: Cathy Truesdale

Unruly Splats Pro
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Coming in hot for our latest Teacher Feature is Cathy Truesdale! She is a Music & Performing Arts Educator at Canterbury School in Florida. Cathy adds pep to every step, and had her students using Splats long before their physical Splats even arrived! She's an expert at modifying games and bringing together everyone's talents. Go, Cathy!

1. What’s the most surprising use for Splats you’ve seen 👀 or done yourself? 

I've used Splats as a tool to help students learn about MIDI and music.

2. What has been the most helpful in building your confidence using Splats?

There are SO MANY materials available from the Splats team—tutorials, pre-coded games, etc. AND the Splats team is readily accessible!

3. How do you see Splats helping students develop an understanding 💡 of coding?

It has been an amazing tool to help students understand the relationship(s) between music, performing arts, and technology. Students have used existing tools to create their own music and games—and have been able to share their creations with other students.

4. How has bringing Splats/coding into your existing curriculum ✏️ (math, ELA, science, PE, music, etc.) changed the way students engage with the curriculum?

Splats have added a layer of learning and fun in an exciting way! Students learn the 'basics' at school, and can continue to create at home. They can create on campus and virtually. It's amazing!

5. If you could play Splats with anyone famous—dead, alive, or fictional—who would it be and what would you play?

Oh my goodness! I have so many musicians that I admire. I think it would be fun to play the music games with Ella Fitzgerald. That lady could SCAT, so she could also SPLAT!

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