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Unruly Splats Hour of Code Launch

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Every December, classrooms around the globe celebrate the power of scientific inquiry and technology through Computer Science Education Week, also known as Hour of Code! This unique digital event asks teachers to take one hour out of their class to help students discover the joy of coding. Millions of students around the world participate each year to code and play interactive projects and games that get them out of their seats!

"The Hour of Code is designed to demystify code and show that computer science is not rocket science—anybody can learn the basics," said Hadi Partovi, founder and CEO of Code.org. "Over 100 million students worldwide have tried an Hour of Code. The demand for relevant 21st-century computer science education crosses all borders and knows no boundaries."

There are endless possibilities as to how you can structure your Hour of Code. To make planning easy, Unruly Splats came up with a series of activities perfect for the occasion. All you need is this slide deck and access to the Virtual Splats App.

To get a free trial of the Splats App, book a 15-minute chat with one of our Splats specialists who will walk you through the platform! 

Get Started With the Hour of Code Webinar

Whether you have never done Hour of Code before or  you’re a yearly HOC participant looking for new ideas, we suggest taking a look at our Hour of Code webinar. Join Amon Millner (aka Dr. Splat),Eric Rosenbaum, the co-founder of Makey Makey invention kit as they share 4 collaborative HOC activities. Like Unruly, Makey Makey is all about getting kids excited about coding using simple materials—and when we say simple, we mean creating coding games for kids with a banana! 

Together, Eric and Amon discuss what the Hour of Code is and how you can use coding games for kids with Unruly Splats and Makey Makey to ensure a productive and fun hour of learning. 

Download the Webinar

To start even more conversation around of Hour of Code, Unruly also hosted a virtual #SplatsChat on Twitter with Dr. Cory Gleasman, an expert on cross-curricular coding at Tennessee Tech. Here's a couple highlights from the chat below! 

Click here to see the full conversation and follow Unruly Studios on Twitter for more educational opportunities! 

Embark on Epic Coding Quests with Unruly Splats 


Just for Hour of Code, we’ve come up with a series of coding games for kids all in one easy to use slide deck! The lesson plan has all of the steps laid out for each activity. New coders can start slow with Quests 1 and 2, which introduces students to the basic blocks. 

As stated previously, These Hour of Code activities can all be done in a virtual setting, so you don’t need physical splats to participate (although they are extremely fun!). 

Unruly Quest Intro

Each Hour of Code quest builds progressively on the skills learned from the last, so by the time you reach Quest 5, your students will be building their own basic program. They get to come up with the rules, the patterns, and the ways to win.  

Unruly Quest 5

Amidst the bright lights and funny animal sounds, students are learning critical skills. The coding games are all designed to develop logic, pattern recognition, and tech savvy. 

Ready to join Hour of Code with Unruly Splats?

Request a free trial by booking a 15-minute chat with one of our Splats specialists who will walk you through the platform!

Unruly Studios makers of Unruly Splats, programmable, stompable floor tiles that help kids learn fundamental coding skills through recess-style play. Best for elementary and middle school students from PE to science or coding class, a great addition to the classroom for active STEM coding and play!

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