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Why We Splat | STEM Education for Kids

Unruly Mom
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Our children are being raised in an entirely different era than we were; With the prevalence of technology, social media, and online interactions, our children will soon be teaching us about technology that will seem to blow our minds. As millennials raising Generation Alphas, we like to think that we are in tune with all of the best tech updates, but I secretly love knowing that my 7-year-old daughter Luna could soon bypass my tech knowledge.

“The kids with the iPads” seems to hold the same meaning as the term “Generation Alpha.” I know that my kids are the iPad toting geniuses literally holding in their hand the answer to every question they could possibly ask, but it’s time for us to channel that curiosity into lifelong skills that will keep our kids in the center of this ever-growing world of technology.

We all know the struggles with screentime. You’ve had a long day at work, and your kids have had a long day at school. Sometimes it really is the easiest option to let your kids play with the iPad while you cook dinner. My husband is an engineer, and we have always chosen our kids toys based on the educational value. We have countless computer games, and our kids love playing with their iPad. Between stealing my iPhone from the kitchen counter to make funny videos with a dog face filter, sneaking a few minutes of cute Youtube videos of baby animals on her dad’s MacBook, and sharing her older brothers iPad to play CandyCrush, it seems like we unintentionally gave Luna access to the trifecta of Apple products. Unruly Studios has provided us a unique opportunity to allow Luna to continue with her love with iPad games, but also to learn, grow, and stay healthy with her Splats.

So why do we Splat? I hope my children aspire to lead healthy, active lives with inspirational careers that revolve around education and growth. Studies have shown that STEM education can lead to higher levels of verbal and written language proficiency, and STEM occupations are growing at almost 20% per year. STEM education seems to be the buzzword of our children’s education era. It was only a matter of time until companies started to focus their education platforms around the devices that our children already use everyday. With tens of thousands of game options in the App store, Unruly Studios has found a unique way to combine STEM learning with active play. Our kids can run, play, and create with their Unruly Splats, while us parents can happily know that not only are the kids learning a valuable skill with coding, but they are also staying healthy with active play.

Unruly Studios makers of Unruly Splats, programmable, stompable floor tiles that help kids learn fundamental coding skills through recess-style play. Best for elementary and middle school students from PE to science or coding class, a great addition to the classroom for active STEM coding and play!

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