Unruly Splats and App Device Compatibility

Unruly Splats are compatible with iPad devices running iOS 9.0 or newer and Android devices running Android (8.0) or newer. To download the Splats app for free, go to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and search “Unruly Splats” on your compatible device

See the diagram below to check if your iPad is compatible with your Splats and app:

- If your iPad has a Lightning cable, it IS COMPATIBLE
- If your iPad has a 30-pin cable, it IS NOT COMPATIBLE
- If your tablet runs Android 8.0 or greater and has a USB-C cable, it IS COMPATIBLE

Here is a list of all iPad models compatible with Unruly Splats and Splats App:

iOS (Version 9.0+)

• iPad, 4th generation (iOS 9.0 or above)
• iPad mini 2 (iOS 9.0 or above)
• iPad mini 3 (iOS 9.0 or above)
• iPad mini 4 (iOS 9.0 or above)
• iPad Air (iOS 9.0 or above)
• iPad Air2 (iOS 9.0 or above)
• iPad Pro, all models (iOS 9.0 or above)

Android (Version 8.0+)

• Leading Android tablets such as Samsung (Android 8.0 or above)
• Chromebook and Kindle Fire not yet supported

Can I still use Unruly Splats if I don’t own a compatible iPad device?

You can access the Unruly app on Chromebooks and Mac laptops using our web-based app with a Google Chrome browser. To work, it must have bluetooth turned on.