Unruly Splats and App
Device Compatibility

Unruly Splats are compatible with multiple devices to fit the existing technology in your school. You can program Splats using Chromebooks and iPads. Specific compatibility requirements are listed below.


You can access the Unruly app via the Google Chrome browser at https://app.unrulysplats.com.
The web app is compatible with all Chromebooks with Bluetooth 4.2.


Unruly Splats are compatible with iPads running the most updated iPad OS — or a minimum of iOS 12.1. To download the Splats app for free, go to the Apple App Store and search “Unruly Splats” on your compatible device.

Although an internet connection is not required to use the iPad app, it is recommended to ensure your operating system and app are up to date.

Still have questions?

Contact us at info@unruly-studios.com to see if your devices are compatible with Splats