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2021 Unruliest Educator Awards

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2020 has been a wild ride! 😅

The year has been throwing curve balls in all directions and our educators have caught them all. As the year comes to an end, we want to celebrate our Unruly Educators with the Unruliest Educators Awards! 

Congratulations to all our nominees! 🥳 Take a look at how they got here and why they deserve your vote in the 2021 Unruliest Educator Awards. 

The Most Resilient Educator - You Can’t Stop the Hustle! 

Heather Sutkowski 

Heather teaches K-6 computer science in Connecticut, and when she was asked to take over a classroom this year, she didn’t hesitate to bring her 16 years of experience and dedication to students who needed her most. 

Thomas Girolamo (aka Coach G)

Coach G is a PE teacher in New York, who led his students to victory during the Unruly Fall Fitness Challenge! They did not skip a beat when their school had to unexpectedly go completely virtual and they continued to stomp on using their Virtual Splats! 

Callen Martin-Fowler

Callen is a PE teacher in Cincinnati. With ever-changing class schedules, locations, and format she has navigated so many barriers to be present for her students.

Lori Smith

Lori teaches tech to middle schoolers in CO, but has been dealing with computer shortages—yikes!—and lack of resources for her students with humor, patience, and incredible support. She and her students are definitely AMAZING bug crushers as well.

Erin Shadwick

Erin teaches at the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired, and helps her students navigate all aspects of learning—nurturing friendships, mastering fundamentals, Splat noises—while making sure they feel appreciated and supported. 

The Unruliest Advocate - Bring the Noise! 

David Kober

David is a PreK - 4th grade PE Teacher in Illinois. He brings 100% to everything he does, whether he’s teaching P.E., asking questions during a webinar, or shooting a video! He knows his Splats and isn’t afraid to use ‘em!

Kevin Terry

Kevin is a PE teacher in Nashville. He is always trying something new in his physical education classes from teaching his students how to ride a bike 🚴 to competing in the Unruly Fall Fitness Challenge (His students have a Fall Fitness Challenge record of 5 burpees in 12.06 seconds!) 

Kevin Napier

Kevin is a PE teacher in Virginia. He does not let being virtual stop him from bringing the energy to his virtual physical education classes. Kevin recently just competed in the Unruly Fall Fitness Challenge and enjoyed sharing his journey with us on Twitter! (Check out his rocking air punches!

Ashley Fort

Ashley is a STEM teacher in South Carolina. She is a go-to in her district for all things tech! She’s always finding ways to seamlessly integrate Splats into classroom instruction, and making it fun to boot! 

Christine Danhoff

Christine is a technology integration specialist in Ohio. She is always representing the Unruly Educator community on Twitter and you might have seen here in a recent Edweb webinar with us! 

Cathy Truesdale

Cathy is a Music and Performing Arts teacher at Canterbury School in Florida. Cathy has had to employ creative ways to teach music while they cannot sing or play instruments. She is using Splats as musical notes and when she did the Musical Splats lesson in her summer class, one of her students re-created an Imagine Dragons song! Her school also has the most virtual stomps -- way to go!

Alexa Sorden

Alexa is the principal at Concourse Village Elementary School. Her positive attitude is contagious and has gained her recognition in the New York Times. She is always leaving us with inspiration whether it be through helping out at a webinar or just be present in the Unruly community. Plus, her school just took home the legendary Golden Splat in the Unruly Fall Fitness Challenge!

Deb Dixon

Deb is a librarian and media specialist in Somerville. You might have seen Deb in an Unruly webinar before (or two, maybe three…), and that’s because Splats are not her first rodeo. As a Library Media Specialist, Deb makes sure her students have access to the latest and greatest—Splats, of course, included 😉

Kristin Harrington 

Kristin is a Technology Coach at Flagler County Schools and does whatever it takes to support students and teachers with technology needs, whether that is delivering Chromebooks to houses or cheering on students while coding with Splats!  

The Unruliest Techie Award

Cory Gleasman 

Dr. Cory Gleasman, a professor at Tennessee Tech University, who specializes in coaching teachers on how to implement engaging cross-curricular coding activities. He is a spectacular advocate for Splats and you might have seen him at our recent #SplatsChat on Twitter

Jeff Monteith

Jeff is a  K-12 Extended Learning Program (ELP) Teacher in Iowa. He pushes block-coding to the limits! Making some of the most complex (and fun!) programs we’ve ever seen 🙌 Recently, he coded his own game based on the book “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”

Maureen Armour

Maureen is an elementary school teacher in Nova Scotia. We’d love to be students in Maureen’s class! Maureen’s students are always doing the coolest projects with coding and technology… and having a blast!

Nick Baskwill

Nick is the go-to person for everything coding and tech at Nova Scotia’s department of Early Education and Childhood Development. As a fierce coding advocate, he makes sure teachers across the province have what they need to ensure students are learning, coding, and having fun 👏

Additional Nominees:

Ashley Fort

Lori Smith 

Heather Sutkowski

Unruliest Library Media Specialist

Anah Mustapha

Anah is a librarian at Milton Public Library in Ontario. She set up one of the coolest community loaner programs we’ve ever seen! Families can check out Splats and take an online coding class—all through the library, for free! We love libraries 😊

Tracy Mercier 

Tracy is a library media specialist in Hartford. She has made some awesome resources for Splats! 

Scott Oskin 

Scott is a library media specialist in Somerville. From epic scavenger hunts to supporting awesome student game creation, Scott finds the best ways to get his students engaged in STEM.

Shannon Miller 

Shannon is an innovation director and librarian in Iowa. Shannon’s always on the cutting edge and finds amazing resources to use with her students.

Additional Nominees:

Deb Dixon

Unruliest PE Teacher

Curtis MacQueen

Curtis is a PE teacher in Nova Scotia. Curtis did the fall fitness challenge with his students while learning how to code himself 🏋🏻

Stephen Ranni 

Stephen is a PE teacher in Nova Scotia. Stephen’s class achieved one of the highest total stomp counts this year, coming in at a whopping 16,501 stomps. Amazing work 💪

Laura Wilson 

Laura is a PE and music teacher in Nova Scotia. She pushed through technical challenges and COVID-restrictions to make sure her students could get stomping.

Jacquelyn Frawley 

Jacquelyn is a PE teacher in New York. She is the Splats advocate for her entire district and really led the charge for incorporating tech in PE.

Additional Nominees: 

Kevin Terry

Kevin Napier 

David Kober 

Callen Martin-Fowler

Now it is time for you to cast your vote! Follow this link to the official ballot of the 2021 Unruliest Educator Awards! Voting ends Monday, December 21st, so share with your friends, family, and fellow educators to get as many votes for your top picks as you can. 

Best of luck to all the nominees! 🍀 Happy voting! 

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