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Unruly Fall Fitness Challenge: Final Standings

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December 10, 2020
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As the Fall Fitness Challenge comes to a close, you might be thinking, “Which school won the legendary Golden Splat?”

The Unruly Fall Fitness Challenge was a fitness extravaganza that got students coding and moving whether they were virtual, in-person, or hybrid. Five schools definitely brought the fire! 🔥 They made the Unruly competition fierce with each school hoping to win the Golden Splat. 

What was the Unruly Fall Fitness Challenge?

The Unruly Fall Fitness Challenge energized Unruly schools across the US and Canada to earn the most points by coding their own fitness circuits. For three weeks, students engaged in different activities that combined fitness with coding. They participated both in-person and virtually by building countdown timers, stopwatches, and fitness circuits! 💪Students used their coded timers and stopwatches to time themselves doing exercises like air punches, mountain climbers, jumping jacks and much more!

Concourse Village Elementary for the Win

Schools battled for points, and after some very tight competition, we have a winner! Concourse Village Elementary walked away as the winners with 71 points! CVES also broke Unruly records with the most stomps totaling 13,854 Splatastic stomps!

Final Standings for the Unruly Fall Fitness Challenge
Final Standings for the Unruly Fall Fitness Challenge

Concourse Village Elementary School like many other schools is participating in hybrid learning this year. Cohort A meets on Mondays and Tuesdays and Cohort B meets on Thursdays and Fridays. Smaller groups allow teachers more flexibility with their lesson plans and collaborative activities. This new learning style has allowed PE teacher, Thomas Girolamo (aka Coach G), to get creative with his physical education. Getting the students up and moving and releasing some of the pent up energy is important to CVES. The Unruly Fall Fitness Challenge offered great activities to achieve this goal and the students had a blast sharing videos of their toe touches, crunches, and jumping jacks. CVES showed their resilience during the Fall Fitness Challenge. They did not skip a beat when their school had to unexpectedly go completely virtual and they continued to stomp on using their Virtual Splats! 

“Splats are great to use because I can socially distance my students from each other while they do the activity,” said Coach G. 

Coach G's Virtual Classroom

Found Art Challenge 

Just like any true Unruly competition, there were bonus points to be claimed! One way for schools to get bonus points was to complete the Found Art Challenge.  In this game, students have a limited amount of time to find specific colored objects around their home based on what the randomized code displays on Splats (red, green, purple, or blue!). Then, they have to use these objects to make a sculpture out of them. Our spectacular second place winners, Nuckols Farm Elementary, had a blast exploring this activity. PE teacher, Mr. Napier, has been teaching his gym classes virtually and this was a great game for him to get his students active with a little scavenger hunt throughout their homes. Some of the amazing pieces of art includes “Fox Mountain” and “Teddy at the Cash Register.”

Found Art Challenge: Fox Mountain
Found Art Challenge: Fox Mountain

Found Art Challenge: Teddy at the Cash Register 
Found Art Challenge: Teddy at the Cash Register 

Get your students up and moving in your virtual classroom with the Unruly Found Art Challenge! To get a free trial of the Splats App, book a 15-minute chat with one of our Splats specialists who will walk you through the platform!

Finally, what everyone has been waiting for. Here is a peak of the epic Golden Splat that is on it’s way to Concourse Village Elementary School! Congratulations to CVES and thank you to all the resilient schools that brought the energy each week! 

Unruly Golden Splat
Unruly Golden Splat

We at Unruly, enjoyed watching all the schools jump into the Fall Fitness Challenge with full force! It was great to see the back and forth from our Unruly Educators on Twitter cheering each other on when the weekly leaderboard was posted.

Unruly Community in Action
Unruly Community in Action

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