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The Unruly Fall Fitness Challenge Begins Nov 4

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As the weather gets colder and fewer outdoor activities remain available, it is often challenging to stay motivated to do physical activity! This year, Unruly Studios is fighting fall fatigue with the launch of the Unruly Fall Fitness Challenge!

A combination of exercise and critical thinking, The Fall Fitness Challenge energizes virtual learning for kids and puts coding skills to the test. Plus, there will be prizes in store for the winners (You know, apart from the very real benefits of exercise and mental agility!).

How does the Fall Fitness Challenge work? 

The Fall Fitness Challenge will run from Wednesday, November 4 to Wednesday, November 25.

Each week for three weeks, there will be a new challenge in which students work together to create functioning code that will enhance a fitness activity. Here is a sneak peek at the virtual learning prompts for each week:

Week 1 - Building a countdown timer
Do as many burpees, squats, jumps, zigs and zags before the clock runs out!

Week 2 - Building a stopwatch
Use the stopwatch to find out how quickly you can get through your favorite moves

Week 3 -Building a fitness machine
Combine your stopwatch and countdown timer for a full fitness circuit

Each individual school enrolled in the challenge will act as one team, even if the school has Splats being used in multiple classrooms. Teachers who want to work together should team up and join forces!

Teams earn points by having students complete the weekly challenges, with more points being awarded the higher your team’s average score becomes. For example, in the first week, have students record their high score of how many air punches they can do in 15 seconds! At the end of the 3 week period, the school with the most points will win the coveted Golden Splat Trophy, plus Unruly Certificates!

How will my classroom benefit from participating in the Fall Fitness Challenge?

The Fall Fitness Challenge is a virtual learning experience for kids designed to promote fitness, engage the mind, and spread joy in the classroom. Benefits of the challenge include:

  • Coding Practice: Students will get the opportunity to develop important coding skills, such as nesting logic and functions. Trial and error are a natural part of the process, and it will be a guaranteed reward to see faces light up as the Splat blocks do!

  • Physical Activity: Building the code is only half the challenge. To earn points, students will need to run, stomp, and jump their way to higher scores before the clock runs out. The CDC says physical fitness has an overwhelming number of benefits for kids, from strengthening muscles and bones to reducing anxiety and building confidence.  
  • Social Emotional Learning: This challenge is all about teamwork. Students will not only need to work together to build the code itself, but also support each other in the fitness portion. As they run the obstacles and try to finish in record time, it’s a great opportunity to serve as a cheering section for their peers.

  • Awesome Goodies: The winning team of the Fall Fitness Challenge will go home with a trophy, plus a goody bag filled with Unruly swag and completion certificates for all team participants.

How do I sign up for the challenge?  

To participate in the Fall Fitness Challenge, you will need to have an Unruly Splats membership. By signing up, you’ll receive all of our virtual classes for kids, plus training webinars, educator resources, and more. 

Click the links below to learn how you can sign up for the fitness challenge as an existing member or explore adding an Unruly Splats Membership for your school!

Sign up for the Unruly Splats Fall Fitness Challenge

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