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The Unruly App 2.0 for Virtual and Hybrid Learning

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At Unruly, we believe in continuous innovation and improvement, especially when it comes to improving our coding and play experience for both virtual and in-person learning.  This week we’re thrilled to announce the launch of the new and improved Unruly Splats App 2.0!

What is the Unruly Splats App 2.0

The Unruly Splats App 2.0 is where programming meets real-life active play! Students use our web app or iOS app to code the rules that make physical and virtual Splats light up, make sounds, and sense when they are pressed or stomped on. Unlike other block-based coding apps, students code their own active games to play off-screen with physical Splats. Students also have the option to play fully virtually using Virtual Splats. Our new App 2.0 includes features that allow educators to access student work in one place from any device, as well as a virtual app for virtual play. The app and all of our virtual activities are designed for a variety of coding levels in elementary and middle school.  

If you would like to try our app for 1 month free, click the button below to request a quick 15 minute chat with Splats pro who will get you set up with a username and password.

Improved Hybrid and Virtual Learning Features

As many schools are starting the year with hybrid and remote learning, engaging students without being in a physical space is more crucial than ever. To encourage active and engaged learning, we’ve enhanced our virtual learning app features, making student work easier to access remotely and adding in some fun virtual-play features. 

The Unruly Splats App 2.0 uses block-based coding to have students write the rules that make splats light up, make sounds, and sense when they are pressed on!

Because being an educator is time-consuming enough, we want to do everything we can to save you stress, especially when you’re using the very programs we’ve given you! To that end, the app now has an even better login system, expanded profile options, and better visualization tools that will help you in remote learning scenarios. Take a look at some of our new app features, and find out how you can incorporate the Splats app’s online lesson plans into your classroom this fall!

The app’s key features include:

  • Unlimited, Centrally Located Student Profiles: Every student in your school can now have their own Unruly profile or group profiles. Easily share Splats across your school and access your students’ work in one location. We do not charge extra for student profiles so they are truly unlimited! PS. For more on central location perks, check out our notes on the Gamelocker in the next section!
With the Unruly App 2.0, each student or student group has a profile where all their coded games are kept in the cloud. Teachers can now access student work from any device and students can collaborate easily on games.
  • Streamlined Login Process: With all of those new profiles, there have to be a 1000 passwords, right? Thankfully, no! Students can still have their own individual profiles (no personal information is collected), but all students and teachers will use one central school username and password. All students and teachers will log in once per device with the same school-wide username and password.
  • Compatibility with Chrome and iOS: The Splats app runs on both iPads (app download) and Chromebooks (web app, no download required). Now you nd your students can access the splats app now matter what kind of device you have at home! See our compatibility page for more details.
  • A new visualization tool allows you to place virtual Splats anywhere on a full screen and add gameplay notes. You can use this tool to play games virtually and give a more interactive experience or you can use it as a planning tool to explain game rules before playing the game in person.
With the new virtual splats app, students can place Virtual Splats anywhere on the screen and add game notes

A Cloud Connected Gamelocker 

Say goodbye to uploading student code manually to access it from your device! Our new Gamelocker feature allows educators to access student profiles and code from any device.  Connecting everyone via the cloud, all code is uploaded to a central location, aka the Gamelocker. Now you can easily share programs within your school, no matter what device they were created on! Students need only save their work to the gamelocker, and teachers can then go into their profile from any device to access their work. It’s also a great feature for the students’ teamwork efforts as they collaborate with one another and update game changes across the cloud network. 

Mix STEM Learning and Active Play

Whether your school year involves remote learning or hybrid learning, the app can be used to code and play games! Unruly Splats is all about getting kids up and moving, while helping them learn important skills like teamwork and problem solving. There are pre-built games available for running directly in the app, from Splasketball to Whack-a-Mole. You can easily filter through these games by the number of players, the type of game, and the coding level, so that you’ll find what you need without getting overwhelmed.  

When it’s time to get creative, you can build out your own personalized activities! Start from scratch and create games that combine fitness with coding logic, the whiz of the arcade with the experiments of a laboratory! Definitely look for help with our online lesson plans and webinars, which take you step-by-step through the Splats coding process and show you how to build your own engaging, active games for virtual or in-person play. 

Students in Ms. Danhoff's grade 3 class learn to code a game of 4 corners and then get to play it

The Unruly Fall Fitness Challenge 

It’s a big week for Unruly Splats, between the app launch and a brand new active adventure, The Unruly Fall Fitness Challenge!

Running from Nov 4-Nov 25 only, this fitness extravaganza is all about getting students up and moving, while still putting those coding skills to the test. 

Each week of the challenge will feature a new activity for completion, from building a countdown timer to building a full fitness routine. Each individual school will act as a team, and students will have to work together to build out their games and then successfully run through them. Schools will earn points for executing their codes and earning high scores for completion, video submissions and more.

At the end of the 3 week period, the school with the most points will win the greatest treasure of them all: The Golden Splat Trophy! (It’s not real gold, but it is still very special!). 

To participate in the Fall Fitness Challenge, you will need to have an Unruly Splats membership. Click the links below to learn how you can sign up for the fitness challenge as an existing member or explore adding an Unruly Splats Membership for your school!

Unruly Studios makers of Unruly Splats, programmable, stompable floor tiles that help kids learn fundamental coding skills through recess-style play. Best for elementary and middle school students from PE to science or coding class, a great addition to the classroom for active STEM coding and play!

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