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The Votes Have Been Tallied: Unruliest Educator Awards Results

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Now more than ever, we need to celebrate the wins of our educators! Navigating education during a global pandemic and providing your students with fun STEM experiences is definitely worthy of an Unruly celebration! We had 26 nominees and over 850 people voted so we are excited to announce the winners of the Unruliest Educator Awards. To mark the occasion, our outstanding Unruly Educators joined us while we put on our party hats and went live on Twitter to announce the winners. Unruly Educators brought the energy and had a blast celebrating each other!

In case you missed it, here is a recap of the winners: 

Most Resilient Educator: Thomas Girolamo

Thomas, aka Coach G, is a PE Teacher at Concourse Village Elementary School in Bronx, NY and he did not skip a beat this year! Coach G and his students brought the energy during the Unruly Fall Fitness Challenge. Despite the school unexpectedly having to go completely virtual in the middle of the Unruly Fall Fitness Challenge, Coach G’s classes still managed to get the most stomps and won the epic Unruly Golden Splat as a prize! The celebrations continue as he is awarded our Most Resilient Educator. You can’t stop Coach G’s hustle! 

The Unruliest Techie: Cory Gleasman 

Dr. Cory Gleasman is a professor at Tennessee Tech University who specializes in coaching teachers on how to implement engaging cross-curricular coding activities in their K-12 classes. Like any techie, he is always looking for new and exciting ways to incorporate technology across his curriculum to make learning more engaging! If you are attending the upcoming FETC conference, see him present on 3 Tips for Incorporating Computer Science into Any K-8 Subject on Jan 27th at 1:10 pm.

Unruliest Library Media Specialist: Shannon Miller


Shannon is an Innovation Director and Librarian at Van Meter Schools. She is always finding new and fun resources to get her students excited about learning. She loves sharing her stories and resources with fellow educators to inspire others to join in on the fun! 

The Unruliest Advocate: Alexa Sorden 

Alexa is a Principal and is also from Concourse Village Elementary School (Way to represent CVES!). She brought the noise this year with her inspiration and ability to constantly be an empowering servant leader. Whether assisting in a webinar or just being a present in the Unruly Community her willingness to help is energizing! 


Unruliest PE Teacher: Kevin Napier


Kevin is a PE Teacher at Nuckols Farm Elementary School. He is consistently finding new tools that get his students energized and moving during virtual PE class. Kevin is a great role model and is always eager to join in on the fun and break a sweat too! Check out his rocking air punches from the Unruly Fall Fitness Challenge!   


During the Unruliest Educator Awards, educators also competed in Unruly Trivia for some spectacular Unruly Swag Boxes. Unruly Trivia brought out the competitive side in everyone as they hustled to be the first person to comment the correct answer. We put our educators to the true Unruly test with the last trivia question that had a grand finale prize of a one year 12 Splat membership! 

Unruly Trivia during the #UnrulyAwards2021

For more highlights check out the event using the hashtag #UnrulyAwards2021


The Unruliest Educator Awards has been a Splatastic start to 2021! We enjoyed celebrating all of our nominees and watching the Unruly Community support each other in real time. Let’s carry this energy throughout the rest of the year and make it the Unruliest year yet!  


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